Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Whatcha readin', H?

Why, it's Superstud, by Paul Feig!

He's the creator of that wonderfully funny and horribly cancelled TV program, "Freaks and Geeks." Anyone not familiar with this show should clearly have their intellect checked. Some of the best characters written for television were on that show, as well as some of the smartest and funniest dialogue this escape artist has ever come across.

Much like his first book, "Kick Me", Feig revels in self-deprecation, opening the reader up to his life and saying, "You know that crap you used to do? Remember how you thought you were the only one? Guess again, chump." Most likely, anything embarrasing you did, he did. And he did it worse.

The book's not as good as "Kick Me", if only because some of the incidents described in "Kick Me" translate almost verbatim into the storylines of "Freaks and Geeks", and maybe I say that because F&G gave me so much, and reading this is like looking through a scrapbook of your summer in marching band. You laugh, you shed a tear, and you wish you could pick up that tuba and play that Souza one last time.

Still, it's a fun read, his conversational tone makes it easy to dig through, and I guarantee once a chapter, you will laugh out loud. I guarantee it (like that dude from Men's Warehouse).

I remain as always,


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H. Houdini said...

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