Wednesday, November 30, 2005


Now, I'm not saying I'm Papa Hemingway, cuz let's face it, we all know I don't drink excessively or have a penchant for firearms. Or bullfighting. But, I am excited to say that I have officially hit the 50,000 word mark. With a day to spare. And what an action packed month to do it in: there were weddings (Jen's cousin), an engagement (Keith and Liz), death (sadly, Mr. Pat Morita), holidays (Thanksgiving and the ever popular 'Plan Your Epitaph Day') and the first printed promotion for Horrorwood (in Wizard #171, kids. Pick up a copy at your local magazine depository!). But I prevailed, mainly by ignoring my husbandly duties, speaking to no one but the voices in my head, and staring at the computer screen so long, I think I may now have a tumor the size of a bread box behind my left eye. All in the name of art.

So what will happen with my crowning acheivement now that I have crossed the finish line? Who knows. I still have to finish the damn thing. Sure, I hit the 50k mark, but I was only 80% finished with the story. I don't even know how it ends! I don't even know who did it! (I'm thinking it's going to be either the butler or the quadriplegic rapper -- maybe I'll have a vote, and have people send in their guess, along with five dollars.) In all honesty, I'll most likely finish it up before the holidays, maybe do some polishing on it, and then see where that takes me.

Well, I'm gonna stop looking at this computer screen (the tumor is throbbing). I have my TV watching to catch up on, time to see what all the Veronica Mars hullaballoo is about. That, and I have to frame my NaNoWriMo completion certificate and hang it in the office, so I can someday show my kids how awesome I used to be. Before the rickets.

Here's my other reward, courtesy of Keith. Thanks, I decided to post the photo of the blue ribbon and not of the naked fat chick. That one's just for me...

Until we meet again, I remain,


Evil Lincoln said...

Attaboy! You show those bastards how to TYPE!

So, is the next step to have a public reading? I'm thinking you should just walk into a Barnes & Noble with your own podium, set it up, thank everyone for attending (ie- the random shoppers starring at you with a mixture of curiousity and pity) then read aloud the first couple chapters. You could even humor them with a signing if you don't get kicked out first.

H. Houdini said...

That's a GREAT idea! That way, I could sign any arbitrary book the shoppers happen to be holding. "Ma'am, if you'll pass me your copy of that Nicolas Sparks book, I'd be happy to sign it." I'll surprise Har Mar with that one.

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